How to create Gutena forms – UnSynced patterns

reuse gutena forms

The Unsynced pattern allows you to save a block or group of blocks which you can later use in any post or page on your site. If you are often adding the same group of blocks, using the Unsynced pattern will save you time and effort. Whenever you will be changed an Usynced pattern, the change will be reflected only in the place where it is used. Editing the Unsynced pattern will update only where it is used.

Steps to convert Gutena forms into a Unsynced pattern

Step 1: Create Gutena form

Step 2: Select the Gutena form block you want to turn into a Unsynced pattern.

Step 3: Click on the three dot menu that opens up the additional settings.

Create Pattern

Step 4: Click on “Create pattern”.

Step 5: This will open a prompt where you can then name your pattern. Make sure to be descriptive so you can easily find it in the future.


Step 6:Turn off Synced toggle.
Step 7:Click “Save” to confirm the creation of the new pattern.

Reuse Gutena forms ( UnSynced Pattern )

After you’ve created an  Unsynced pattern, you can then use it wherever you’d like. To use pattern, type forward slash (/) and the name of the pattern you want to use.

select unsynced patterns